Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Favourite Korean Couple

I'm not saying that they are couple in real life..
But I like them! I like them to be the real couples..
Don't you guys think so? ^_^

Yoona & Taecyeon
I like them in CABI song and Family Outing..
And I like them even now..
They are so sweet!

Taeyeon & Wooyoung
They are 'Ang Ang' couple!
Like them in Win Win..
Aren't they cute???
Both TaecYoon and WooTae are my bias! 

Sandara Park & GDragon
Both of them are my bias in Bigbang and 2NE1
I don't care about their age gap!
Sandara look young for her age, right?^^

Eunjung & Lee jangwoo
I love Eunjung since dream high
They are a married couple in We Got Married
I like them in there!
Like real husband and wife..^^

So, until then! 



  1. comel-comel kan....tak tahu kenapa cik intan suka tengok mata dorang...

  2. saya ingatkan wooyoung dengan IU.

  3. suke eun jung since tengok t-ara perform. tapi x pernah lagi try tengok WGM eun jung & hubby dia x????

    entri terbaru
    review movie nur kasih

  4. oh, saya suka IU

  5. umi asura: eunjung ngan hubby die cute sgt!!! hehe^^ best. try la tgok kt link ni..

    sajaa:sy pun suke IU jgk^^

  6. yup yupp!
    wgm eunjung ngn hubby dia best!

    sakura suke adam couple! sedih loh tgk final ep diaaa.

    and love jung yonhwa too! arr!

  7. i love JongKey !
    ma fave OTP :DD
    imma Alien Couple shipper! BIGBANG TOP & 2NE1 BOM ftw!