Saturday, November 20, 2010

was it true?

Several years ago...
You left me without saying anything
Without confirming anything about everything
What was there in your mind?
What was there in your heart?
Was it me?
I kept wondering
Was it true?
People kept telling me the same thing
Was it true?
But, still..
You left me
Without confirming anything about everything

All of sudden
You came back
After I already moved on
After your name not in my heart anymore
After I close my heart from anyone
Because of you

You say such a beautiful word
You say such a sweet confession
What do you expect from me?
After several years I kept wondering
Do you think I will accept you that easy?

I am not a sweet talker
I will not saying what lies in my heart
I am scared
I am scared to death!
What if you lied to me?
What if everything is just a lie?

Don't you want to know?
Don't you want to know who was there in my heart?
You keep talking, telling about your feeling
Why you never ask about my feeling though?

You left again
After my cold response
After I was not answering your heart
What is it now?
Are you trying to tell me to wait for you
I know
I am the one that makes thing difficult
I was not saying what lies in my heart
I know
But, still..
Where are you now?
How could you left me?
Will you wait for me?
For my answer?
I think...I miss you
I don't know!
I am confuse
I don't even know my own feeling
For all those things
I am sorry

p/s: I am not a sweet talker..SORRY

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