Monday, April 25, 2011

We meet again!

Finally...after almost 3 years, we met again...accidentally! 
I knew someone was staring at me. But I didn't know it was you!
I kept walking, chatting with my friend...
Suddenly, my friend stop talking. She looked at me.  Then, she looked at you. She could smelt something was going on...
At that moment, I looked at you!
After almost 3 years!! What did you think I felt at that moment?

I was surprised you know! Very much...
My eyes kept staring at you...
I could't stop!
You just smiled...awkwardly.

Then, you looked at someone beside you...
the girl!
She walked away..
To give us chance to talk
I guess I know who she is...

I didn't know what to say..
You started first!
Asking about my life..
after we broke up
is it broke up?? Or missing in action??
Which one? 

I was talking..
I was answering your questions.
But, you know...
I didn't know exactly what I was talking.
I kept talking but my heart beating very fast.

We so awkward..
Finally, you went back to her!
Then, I was left behind again...
Was it our final??
Was it our goodbye??


  1. perghh..terbaik giler yang ni..suke suke..meremang bulu rome like sejuta kali jer rasenye..aha..betul ke ni??

  2. hehe..tq. ye..xda yg benar mlainkn yg benar-benar belaka^^

  3. TEHEHEHHEHHEHHEHEHEHHEHEHEHE. Macam tau jak situation ini ooo <3 :P