Wednesday, May 14, 2014



Semua orang dah tahu kan. Now you don’t have to wait for GCB season to arrive anymore, the grilled chicken is now a permanent offering on the menu at all McDonald’s.

But, I am telling you people, Lahad Datu have no McDonald's branch at all. Not even one! And I am here craving for my favourite, the Grilled Chicken Burger! Omaigod......huhu

I need this. Plzzzzz......:( Drooling already!

So, here I am hoping and praying that at least one McD branch akan dibuka di bandar Lahad Datu yang indah dan aman (??) ini. So that, I tak perlu pergi Tawau or Sandakan lagi semata-mata mahu cari GCB, right?? Amin.....


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